Given that I've had such a great experience working with PropLogix, I was happy to help out when they asked me to share my thoughts on what I look for in a title company... 

There are so many crucial components to every real estate transaction that can make or break a deal. Having the best Realtor alongside, as well as an excellent financial institution (if there is a loan involved), doesn’t necessarily mean the deal is home run.

Most real estate agents know that a title company is one of the most imperative segments that can make our own clients the happiest of customers, or quickly cause a deal to collapse. Title companies have some of the utmost important duties that facilitate every deal & it is critical that they are properly executed.

Before understanding what I look for in a title company, it’s important for you to understand what my goal is as a real estate agent: I seek to provide 24/7, unbeatable service for my clients and friends.

With that in mind, these are the 6 standards I look for in a title company:

  • Service that is second to none, constantly striving for the best customer service
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Trustworthiness
  • Efficiency and strong time management
  • Hospitality

Not only do these qualities make my life as a Realtor easier, but my clients--whether I’m representing a buyer or seller--will not forget how your services went above and beyond. When I have the support of an excellent title company, I can proudly bring them all of my deals and know that every transaction will be one that is looked upon as a success by all parties involved.

A relationship with an excellent title company is a means to happier customers, which means more referrals, increased production & a happier real estate agent.


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