If you’re a Realtor,  your number one priority is making sure you guide your client through the home buying process. You’ve memorized your due diligence list by heart; Land Survey, Home Inspection, Pest Inspection, Title Search, etc… But you may be forgetting a huge piece of the puzzle you didn’t even know existed: Municipal Lien Searches. It's the only way to discover unrecorded liens. 

Assumption: “My Title Search covers liens, I’m fine!”

Truth: While a Title Search may reveal recorded liens, it does not uncover unrecorded liens. You could be putting your clients at huge risk by not ordering or not asking your title agent to order this search. 

VIDEO: Take a look at the 3 most common unrecorded liens that can cost your client a CRAP load if they're not found:  

Assumption: “My Title Agent is already ordering a Municipal Lien Search.”

Truth: Not necessarily. Be sure you ask for it! More and more Title Agencies are going the extra mile and ordering Municipal Lien Searches. A "FULL" Municipal Lien Search includes: Taxes, Code Enforcement, Utilities, Special Assessments and Permits -- including permits is crucial! 


Now go out there and be the superhero agent that your client's deserve!  

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